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The most critical element of Starsoft India unsurpassed success over the past 15 years has been the contribution of our Business Partners. As an extended arm of the organisation at various levels of the business chain, our Business Partners sell and service Starsoft Indias' products in the marketplace and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our Business Partners share our vision of ‘The Business Backbone’, and are therefore committed to enabling the success of growing businesses across the world. Through a comprehensive partner model, we provide world-class business solutions enabled by robust technology, along with appropriate services and support, to meet the needs of our customers. We believe that our partners share a high level of involvement and commitment, to effectively cater to the needs of our customers.
The Starsoft India Business Partner Program offers exciting business opportunities through a collaborative approach. Whether you are a distribution company, reseller, service provider, business consulting firm or systems integrator, this multi-layered program is designed specifically for you – to sell, provide services and support for Starsoft India multi-product suite.

Business Partner Catagories

The Starsoft India Business Partner Program has evolved both structurally and functionally, to achieve excellence and focus. Through an expansive and unique partner mix, we work with the drive to satisfy customer needs by providing suitable solutions at the right time.

Direct Channel Partners : Distribute, Train, Sell & Service our products at the country and regional level

Sub Channel Partners : Sell, implement and support Starsoft India products

Resellers Partners : Sell Starsoft India mass Products suite

Opportunities with Starsoft India

Starsoft India is determined to capture the entire pyramid of the business and consumer segment through its complete range of products and on site as well as off site service offerings.

Why Partner With Starsoft India ? 

Successfully proven for the past 15 years, Starsoft India continues to satisfy the business accounting and inventory needs across all the segments of the business pyramid through out the country & abroad. Based on our research, NASSCOM data, in India, approximately 3.5 million PCs have been sold to the business segment in last year and this segment is growing at the rate of 33%. To tap this expansive market, we are committed towards building, enhancing and supporting our channel partners, Sub channel partners & resellers.
Decades of research and our deep knowledge of the Small Management Business & Large Management Business, segment has indicated that, the rapidly growing and prosperous SMB & LMB segment needs a comprehensive solution addressing end-to-end business needs. ‘Starsoft India’ is a result of this initiative to provide an end-to-end business solution that is easy to use, implement and maintain. We always believe in on site service of our all Product of an innovative technology coupled with “The Business Backbone”.
Brand ‘Starsoft India’ is highly regarded amongst SMBs & LMBs in India as we have earned the trust and respect of more than 25000 + users and more than 400 Starsoft India Professionals with support of 50+ service centers. There is tremendous potential for our partners to encourage customers to adopt Starsoft India. 
“Starsoft India” the only Indian Company who provides better profit for all of associates from beginning to end. You can increase your business upto 250.00% in a very few days. 
At present, India is at the nascent stage of a retail boom. Along with the small and mid-sized stores, the organised retail segment of supermarket chains and large stores is on the rise. Our partners have a huge opportunity to address the needs of the organised as well as unorganised retail segment through Shopper, a unique retail product suite from Starsoft India, which already has a credible and sustaining customer base.

Direct Channel Partners 

Direct Channel Partners act as catalysts to the revolutionary change in the enterprise business landscape that is being tong brought about by the Starsoft India team. As a DCP you will sell, implement and support, Starsoft India Products (Which you are selected for). DCP represent a high degree of competence and expertise in Starsoft India Products Technologies. As a Starsoft India DCP you will enjoy a rich set of benefits to gain an advantage in the marketplace. These benefits include simulated implementation, training through multimedia CBTs, participation in Starsoft India seminars, road-shows and much more. Backed by Starsoft India Sales support and the extensive reach through our sub channel partners/resellers network, you will enjoy a high growth potential, increased client base and multiple revenue streams.

The role of an Direct Channer Partners

  • Setting up and managing a team of sales consultants, a pre-sales team and a team of functional and technical consultants dedicated to Starsoft India products
  • Jointly developing a business plan with Starsoft India’s Managers
  • Jointly evolving a lead generation strategy along with Starsoft India Managers, Sub Channel Partner and Resellers contact point
  • Receiving client orders and completing the revenue recognition process
  • Signing up the contract with the clients
  • Championing the implementation process
  • Enabling a Project Task Group for ongoing consultation and co-ordination
  • Conducting training and submitting the trainee feedback to Sub Channel Partner, Resellers and Client Sponsor Project and Sign-Off

Sub Channel Partners

Starsoft India’s Sub Channel Partners have always been the opinion leaders within the business community. Sub Channel Partners sell Starsoft India mass products as well as provide value to the customers in the form of installation, customisation and training services. As a long standing Sub Channel Partner of Starsoft India, you will have the requisite technical and application knowledge of Starsoft India products and we will provide you with comprehensive sales and pre & post sales support. Backed by joint marketing programs you can ensure achievement of business objectives.

The role of a Sub channel Partner
Selling implementing and supporting Starsoft India’s products (which you are selected for)
Building a service portfolio and providing services to the customers
Setting up and managing a team of sales, pre-sales and functional consultants dedicated to the Starsoft India product line.
Executing marketing plans jointly with Starsoft India’s DCP, Managers.
Ensuring that demand generation programs are organised to achieve product activation levels

Reseller Partner

Starsoft India is and always has been dedicated to growing our business through a channel of highly qualified Resellers. To this end, the Starsoft India Direct Channel Partner program offers extensive benefits to our Reseller Partners every step of the way. As a Starsoft India Reseller Partner, you will sell Starsoft India mass products directly to customers and earn exciting product license Starsoft Indiains. Starsoft India’s well recognised brand and highly accepted products in the market, will directly contribute to your success as a Reseller Partner.

The role of a reseller partner

  • Selling Starsoft India mass products by demonstrating product capabilities and benefits to the customers
  • Reference an extensive online library of support documentation
  • Providing customer feedback to Starsoft India, Starsoft India’s DCP & SCP on a periodic basis

Revenue Benefits

The Starsoft India Business Partner Program is designed to seamlessly pass on benefits to you through a single enrolment. Your earnings grow in line with your value generation during the customer acquisition, fulfillment and support processes.
All Starsoft India Business Partners have access to a set of resources and the support required to stand out among competition. As a Partner in this program, you have the opportunity to build techno-functional relationships with Starsoft India. You can also take advantage of benefits that include upcoming version information of Starsoft India products and a guaranteed presence in seminars and forums.

We are committed to support you in your growth and development through

* Ready to deploy product suite
* Comprehensive demo library
* Comprehensive marketing and sales tools
* Partner schemes
* Sales and technical support programs
* Rich set of partner training programs
* Demand generation programs
* Partnership conferences
* Phone\fax\email based pre-sales
* Web based partner resource center

So come partner with Starsoft India, enjoy the benefits and ensure your success