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Starsoft dedicated to helping clients achieve critical business insights for bottom-line
decision making through a wide range of scalable, easy-to-use and customizable
applications in the space of industry solutions.

We work to reduce cost, eliminate risk and save time and optimize in quality and regularity from start to finish. We have successfully done it with a fine blend of business and technical knowledge based on the needs of the clients. We are a well-coordinated and potentially expert team that can define an acute & quality software with perfect compliance to the specifications within the stipulated time frame. Because customer requirements are constantly changing, it is important to have reliable support to keep the programs continuously updated. Discover how Starsoft India software and services can provide your business a cutting edge over the competition.

Support And Services

Starsoft India corporate philosophy is based on the notion that providing a quality product is meaningless unless it is backed with top-quality customer service. To this end, we have set up a customer support system that revolves around providing a complete turnkey solution for all the pharma management needs of the customers. Our dedicated professionals have the industry experience and the technical expertise needed to help you meet your business and IT objectives.
       From installation to daily system support, a trained representative is there to ensure you of a smooth and timely implementation. Our team of professionals will make sure your staff understands the software, learns its many features in a short amount of time, and significantly reduces the problems that can occur with the implementation of a new system.
       Starsoft India provides support for our customers' evolving business needs. The Starsoft Support System is chartered to exceed customer's expectations through experienced product knowledge and superior technical know-how.

Starsoft India support Helps Customers

  • Enhance productivity through expanded product usage
  • Plan for successful product maintenance
  • inimize the impact of production outages

Complete Coverage

  • Technical guidance for product related questions, problem resolution, bug reporting and clarification of documentation
  • Support for critical sections and escalations

A Proven Track Record

  • High Level Expertise from best in breed technical engineers
  • Winner of various awards for excellence in customer satisfactios
  • Proven solutions to help guide installation and maintain products

Maximize your use of Starsoft India Products

  • Rapid resolution of most issues reported
  • Access a deep technical skill set, with many years of industry and Marg -specific support experience

  • Reference an extensive online library of support documentation