Process & Quality

Starsoft India adheres to the International Standard, which describes fundamentals of quality management systems.

Starsoft is a company of people dedicated to delivering best-value services and solutions based on innovative applications.

      We have a strong commitment to providing our clients with quality technical products and services, while meeting high moral and ethical standards in the performance of our jobs.
      At our system, quality performance means two things. First, we prides ourselves on satisfying our customers by delivering products and services that meet their specified needs at the agreed price within schedule. Secondly, we recognize that customer needs and expectations are changing. Keeping competitive pressures and technical advances in mind, we ensure continuous process improvement by which we provide our products and services, so that our work meets requirements and is completed appropriately the first time. we are well on our way to attain high level of quality and services.
      We are well aware that customer appraisal of our performance to our overall reputation and that our customers' satisfaction is critically important to our overall success.
      We invite all of our customers to let us know what you think of our performance, and how we can serve you better, by submitting our Client Feedback form..

Why to buy our solutions or services

At Starsoft India, our goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets your business requirements. We have touched long base of customers across the country. Our forte is to provide tailor-made solutions to each customer verticals. We also provide services on top of the products. All these can be availed from our partners at your location. Starsoft India has established a nationwide network of partners to help you get the most from your Starsoft India solution. An alliance with Starsoft India equips your company with the strength, competitive advantage and market credibility.
We are able to offer the customers the most cutting-edge, comprehensive software applications and solutions around. Leveraging Starsoft India solutions, Medicine manufacturers, C&Fs, Distributors, retail, MRs can stay ahead of the competition.

Our Promises

Starsoft India is strongly opposed to the "hit and run" business practices prevalent within the software industry. While engaging with its clients, Starsoft India pledges to abide by the following promises:

  • 1. We will prove the value of our technological solutions and services.
  • 2. The value of our solutions is proven through quick, quantifiable results. Customers are encourages to ensure their participate in our support program so that they can fully understand the mechanics or nitty gritty of the solution. This will help in meeting your business requirements prior to making an investment. 
  • 3. Fair and accurate representation of the capabilities
  • 4. We don't believe in inflating your expectations. We communicate accurately about our solution to the business problems 
  • 5. Continuous investment in your success. 
  • 6. Our work starts where other tend to stop. After the implementation of the software we monitor your solution providing optimization opportunities. Starsoft India invests in its customers with our tune-up program, lifecycle management, education programs and customer events. Our product enhancements and direction are based on customer's feedback.


Starsoft India is committed to operating as an ethical software firm that keeps its promises to our clients.